The data used to generate this chart was gathered from a website that we built using reliable technology.

This stacked bar chart shows the total number of meaningful interactions with a website over a three month period during 2021 from tablet, desktop and mobile devices.

What does the data tell us?

We can conclude that the majority of meaningful interactions (not impressions or robots) that the website in question experienced during a three month period of 2021 came from mobile devices. Since the total number of clicks across all three devices during this three month period was 210 (not clearly shown on the graph), we can say that 73% of the clicks came from mobile, 26% came from desktop and only 1% came from tablet.

What do we do with this information?

While the data used to generate this chart suggests the importance for your business website to be mobile responsive in 2021, one must always take into account the shortfalls of this data and conclusion. Do other websites show similar trends? How does the socio-economic background of the users of a particular website influence which device they use? What about websites from the same country or within the same sector? Such questions and more would be important for us to consider to form a more concrete opinion of the importance of building and using mobile responsive websites in 2021. However having said this, we all know the popularity of mobile phones. Therefore the truth of this data aligns with our experience of life in 2021 compelling us to make sure that mobile responsiveness is commonplace for all websites.